Art of Facilitation/Train the Trainer

Develop skills in becoming an expert trainer/speaker/presenter


This highly interactive, informational and practical program is designed to provide Subject Matter experts with the concepts, tools, skills and practice time they need to deliver high quality training on their area of expertise.

Using slideshow, lecture, interactive exercises, presentation practice and experiential learning, the program immerses participants in a very high quality training experience and then allows them to replicate that experience, using their own content, in a safe, supportive environment while receiving individual feedback and coaching from the instructor and other participants.

This course can be a two or three day workshop.


There are no prerequisites for this class.


16 hours


Program Results

Participants will have greater understanding of and facility with…

• The physical and vocal techniques used by expert trainers,
• Key concepts around adult learning styles,
• “Connected storytelling” skills,
• Classroom management techniques.