Leadership and Supervision Series

This highly interactive training is designed for supervisors who want to be effective leaders.


Leadership is one of the more challenging assignments that one can tackle in the business world. Consider the intense pressure to produce results and keep an organization competitive and profitable. Add to the mix the changing beliefs and expectations of today’s employee. Then stir in frequent and rapid change and you have an environment that can test the best in us. It takes a strong set of interpersonal and tactical skills to be effective in a leadership role.

This active working session is designed to both identify how the “playing field” has changed in a leadership assignment and to develop practical techniques that will positively influence work group performance. A segment of the session will be allocated to practicing these skills and learning from “real time” experiences. Leadership skills are the best perfected through actual application.




There are no prerequisites for this class.


8 hours


Participants will learn:

  • The evolving requirements of a leadership role
  • Developing higher level leadership skills
  • The appropriate use of power and influence to accomplish organizational objectives
  • Fostering open communication and building trust with others
  • Situational Leadership: tailoring our approach to individual needs and ability
  • Establishing accountability with those we lead
  • Setting clear expectations for performance and designing a follow up system to bring tasks to closure
  • The importance of fostering acceptance in a diverse workplace
  • To resolve differences productively