Webinar: What is the Project? Effective Project Scope Management

Participants will learn ways to successfully identify, analyze, prioritize, and facilitate different stakeholder needs throughout the life cycle of the project.






The root cause for many project problems can be attributed to inadequate planning (or, in some cases, no planning at all). More specifically, these organizations do not sufficiently define the scope (the “what?”) required to successfully deliver the project. Struggling project teams often drift into the execution phase without understanding the scope of work.

The Effective Project Scope Management webinar is designed to not only impart effective requirements definition but also introduce better practices for more clearly defining the scope of a project.


Session Number:  PLS-WNL042017

Duration:  1.5 Hours, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm CST

Professional Development Units (PDUs)/Project Management Education Contact Hours:  1.5



1.5 hours


The goals & objectives of the seminar include:

• To learn useful “take-aways” designed to facilitate proper project scope and schedule planning
• To learn relevant and applicable work breakdown techniques

Participants will leave the seminar with a better understanding of how to answer the question, “What is the project?” through effective use of elements such as: the scope statement, Work Breakdown Structure, and WBS dictionary.