About Beacon

Beacon History

Diana Stein founded Beacon Training in 1986 to meet the intricate training needs of Corporate America. She discovered that corporations needed to train their workforce in technical subjects quickly on a limited budget. Diana's background in IT management, industrial engineering and HR enabled her to understand the problems her clients faced, as well as, craft the perfect curriculum to train their workforce. Her time spent creating training courses and managing the training functions in corporate America resulted in the generation of a list of top notch instructors that now teach for Beacon. It was a natural progression to provide these courses, with a seasoned instructor, to her clientele. Beacon partners with their clients to become their back-office Training Department saving their staff time and energy. We now serve corporations, government agencies, and military installations globally.  


We search for our trainers globally. Our extensive vetting process enables us to ensure the instructor has both classroom and relevant industry expertise.  Using  evaluations and verbal feedback we monitor their performance so we can maintain our high standards.  Many instructors have worked with Beacon over 20 years and our clients request them by name for repeated classes.  We ensure they are:

  • Dynamic and engaging, in step with current trends in their disciplines
  • Experienced in adult learning principles, leading students to self-discovery
  • Savvy of the inner workings in government and corporate situations
  • Collaborative to ensure the training, exercises and role-plays address your issues
  • Responsive to questions and suggestions during class
  • Dedicated to meeting the objectives for your training