Analyzing Data Using Excel

Analyzing data is an important skill for any professional, allowing them to pull in raw data from a variety of sources and present that data in a cohesive, understandable format.


This class is will assist the Intermediate to Advanced Excel user in the functionality of Excel. As you know, Excel is a spreadsheet application that enables the calculation and display of complex mathematical formulas (functions) with a facility for extensive formatting. Functions are predefined calculations that may be included in any given Excel cell to perform specific manipulation of data. Using MS Excel, data could be imported from a variety of sources.



The course is for the Intermediate to Advanced Excel user.


1 day


Data in Excel

  • Database Concepts
  • Pasting Data from Another File
  • Data Validation
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Subtotaling Data
  • Naming Ranges
  • Printing


  • Ranking Items
  • Insert Function Library
  • Function Arguments
  • Absolute References
  • Max and Min Values
  • Looking up a Value
  • Counting Cells
  • Combining Cells


  • PivotTables
  • Scenarios
  • Data Tables