Resolving Conflict

This course uses teamwork and group activities to bring out the best in employees, enhance synergy, and develop creative solutions to challenging tasks.


It is hardly news that organizations have been restructuring their work groups to be more responsive to competitive, as well as, stakeholder pressures. Most everyone has personally felt an increase in their workload, a lessening of available staff to share the tasks, and a continuing barrage of change in the way their organization conducts business. Among other outcomes, this condition has dramatically increased the volume of workplace conflicts and the resultant impact on interpersonal relationships and productivity.

This session focuses on the sources of conflict and how they can be harnessed productively without causing long-term damage to the organization and its people. Conflict will not disappear from the business landscape, but with the right tools, it can be effectively managed to yield a positive result for all concerned.


There are no prerequisites for this class.


1 day


  • Assertively handle confrontations
  • Respond effectively to negative criticism and blame
  • Keep poised when others around you are “losing it”
  • Understand how disagreements escalate and how to head them off
  • Repair relationships previously damaged by earlier conflicts
  • Adjust to the hectic pace and rapidly changing priorities
  • Maintain a positive work environment in the face of uncertainty
  • Uncover “hidden” resentments that are undermining interactions