Grammar Refresher

This customized course is designed for those wanting to express their ideas more clearly and effectively and improve their chances to compete successfully in the workplace.


This seminar refreshes ways to correct the mistakes you see and hear in everyday communication. It focuses on how to recognize and avoid the most frequent writing errors so you can present your ideas in the most professional way possible. Through lecture, class discussion, and examples, attendees will diagnose their weaknesses and learn and appreciate the benefits of precise language. Participants learn to improve their communication skills immediately by applying the standards of good writing in a relaxed atmosphere. Students should be prepared to take class notes.

This course can be a half day or full day class.


Participants should have a fundamental understanding of the English language.


1 day


Some of the planned writing topics include:

• Active vs. passive voice
• Agreement (subject-verb, pronoun antecedent)
• Confronting contractions
• Confused and misused words
• Consistency and style
• Double negatives and redundancies
• Effective sentences and paragraphs
• Generic writing
• Parallel construction
• Parts of speech
• Power of clear familiar words
• Proofreading techniques
• Punctuation
• Readability
• Tense, mood, and person
• The case for pronouns
• Wandering “Only”
• Word sensitivity
• Wordiness
• Writing taboos

At the end of the class, students will be able to:

• Present information in a clear, accurate, and concise way
• Increase their awareness of poor or ineffective writing
• Define the essentials and principles of good writing
• Review and edit the writings of others.