Making Powerful Presentations Using Power Point

Power-up your presentations!


Learn and apply time-proven principles that will help you create clear, effective, and powerful presentations.

Bring your presentations to use in class exercises!

This class teaches how to maximize your presentation’s impact. Content, visual aids and delivery — develop a new understanding of all three and see immediate and measurable improvement in your presentations.


The course is intended for students who are proficient with PowerPoint and experienced in writing, designing and delivering better business presentations but have a need to develop that knowledge further.


8 hours


Outline/Table of Contents
Part I – Design Basics
• Structure and layout
• Color values
• Typography
• Visuals

Part II – Building a Presentation
Students build a PowerPoint presentation in the classroom using principles learned in Part 1, incorporating new PowerPoint skills including:
• Using Slide Master
o Format text
o Create bullets
• Apply color and color effects
• Create and modify a template
• Apply graphic elements such as SmartArt, images, tables and charts
• Add animation to text and graphic
• Add slide transitions
• Insert slides from one presentation into another

Part III – Putting it all Together
Students review and critique each class member’s presentation. Class members comment on the day’s lessons and discuss how new abilities will be applied in the workplace.