Leadership for Non-Supervisors

This course is designed to acquaint nonsupervisory employees with the qualities of leadership.


In this course, students will learn to identify factors that affect team performance, to discuss leadership styles and how to influence and inspire others, and to develop and refine leadership behaviors. Employees and team members enhance their value to the team as whole by assuming the qualities of a leader: having the ability to adapt to change, taking charge when necessary, and accepting responsibility for one’s decisions and actions. Students will learn skills and techniques that can readily use to enhance their efficiency and performance.


3 days


During the course, participants will learn how to:

    • Effectively lead, train and retain staff
    • Implement effective performance management practices
    • Learn the skills, attitudes, and behaviors that define a successful leader
    • Effectively communicate expectations to employees, contractors, and others
    • Manage Conduct & Performance in an Inclusive Workplace
    • Motivate employees to succeed