EQ2: The New Rules for Connecting and Influencing

This program encompasses techniques to size up the emotional tone that underlies the behavior of others, adjust one’s own emotional and behavioral style to make connections and motivate others to action.


EQ2 is the practical application of emotional intelligence and plays a central role in communicating with others. Also known as the Social Radar, it positively impacts a person’s ability to accurately read others and establish trust, rapport and credibility.

In essence, this program provides participants with a toolkit of techniques from the study of emotional intelligence and working with FBI hostage negotiators. They provide participants with the ability to skillfully communicate with others, going far beyond active listening.

This is a highly interactive, experiential and past-paced program. Business issues are introduced and practiced for immediate resolution.


There are no prerequistes for this class.


1 days


Specifically, this program furnishes the participants with the skills to:
• Pick up the behavioral cues that reveal the true motivations of others, not just the expected, politically correct responses
• Employ a three-step process to acknowledge emotions and significantly enhance influencing effectiveness
• Re-define issues for clarity of thinking
• Use a structured thinking approach to overcome resistance and roadblocks when there is disagreement
• Reduce time spent in meetings while being more productive in outcomes
• Naturally challenge the status quo without causing defensiveness to unleash everyone’s thinking for greater performance