Mastering Technical Writing

Learn to organize and present technical information for the greatest impact.


This class focuses on the six characteristics of writing effective technical documents. Objectives include learning to write clearly and concisely with an emphasis on conveying significant facts. Learn techniques that target the readers’ needs and document purpose in preparing technical communication. Students should expect to follow a structured process for planning, writing, and editing technical documents.

This course offers the option of purchasing multiple days as needed.



This course is designed for participants with a technical background.


16 hours


Course Objectives

• Strengthen overall technical writing competence and efficiency.

• Choose clear and concise expressions to create effective sentences, paragraphs, and report sections.

• Follow a proven process for planning, preparing, drafting, and editing technical documents.

• Organize information logically to reflect the document’s purpose and focus readers’ attention.

• Employ planning tools, readability formulas, and editing checklists to ensure content accuracy and meet readers’ needs.