Managing Performance and Conduct

Learn tools essential to effective performance management


This class teaches participants how to plan for the performance management cycle so that it is in alignment with organizational goals, motivates employees, and is accomplished in an efficient and effective manner.


This  interactive training is designed for supervisors and managers.


1 day


Class objectives

a. Identify the primary rules, regulations, policies, and guidelines applicable to Federal managers
b. Develop effective performance standards
c. Determine root causes of performance deficiencies
d. Identify performance measures such as timeliness, quality and quantity of work
e. Describe the manager’s role in providing reasonable accommodations to enhance performance
f. Discuss processes and procedures for adverse actions based on performance
g. Identify actions necessary for correcting employee misconduct
h. Differentiate between performance and conduct issues
i. Discuss processes and procedures for effecting disciplinary and/or adverse actions
j. Manage grievance processes
k. Create an environment that enables employees to maintain high level performance, conduct, and morale