Presentation Skills, Intro

This two day speaking experience will transform one's private perceptions and public presentations, and dramatically improve one's speaking ability.


Public speaking is a necessary skill for any professional. A polished presenter will inspire confidence, fuel motivation and leave a lasting positive impression. It is a skill that distinguishes the outstanding from the average.

An effective presentation adds credibility and value, both to individuals and to the organizations they represent. Poor presentations lose business. Electronic communication alone is not enough. People still need to speak to each other in a range of formal and informal situations. Many find this difficult; this course will help students identify and overcome some of the difficulties. We are very pleased for the opportunity to discuss course content with your subject matter expert. The exercises and role plays will be tailored to fit the department.


There are no prerequisites for this class.


16 hours


The course is designed to help students develop the vital skills of presenting themselves, the company/agency, and its products and/or services effectively.


You will cover the following topics in the intensive two day training program:

  • Review your current level of competence and confidence, and your objectives for this training
  • Understand your purpose and the audience
  • Win an audience over in the first 20 seconds
  • Beginnings and endings – structuring your talk to motivate your audience
  • Present with all your non-verbal personal tools -voice, hands, posture, eyes
  • Ensure visual aids are visual and aid the audience experience
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Action plans for implementing new skills into all presentations
  • Benefits
  • Increased confidence and skill
  • More able to sell ideas and products
  • Improved individual and organizational reputation and credibility