Webinar: What Kind of ‘New’ Methodology Can We Incorporate? Agile and Project Management

Agile and Project Management is an instructor-led webinar designed to introduce participants to the basics of the agile project management discipline.


The webinar structure effectively combines introductory lecture and discussion with hands-on application of useful agile project management principles, tools, and techniques through applied case study exercises. The webinar covers the basics of all agile project management life-cycle processes including: project initiation, planning, iterating, controlling, and closing.


Session Number: PLS-WNL102018
Duration: 1.5 Hours,

Professional DevelopmentM – 1:30 PM ET Units (PDUs)/Project Management Education Contact Hours: 1.5


90 minutes


Some topic areas include highlights of:

• Agile Management Terminology • Agile Manifesto
• Stakeholder Engagement • Value Driven Delivery
• Minimally Marketable Feature • Adaptive Planning
• Agile Estimating • Team Performance
• Accounting Control • Contracting
• Communication • Risk Management
• Daily Stand Up’s • Team Retrospectives
• Continuous Improvement • Closing Projects