Workplace Morale: Sustaining Positive Employee Behavior

Learn how to raise morale and cultivate more productive relationships.


Developments within the workplace, and within the world for that matter, can have a sobering effect on employees from time to time. It is critically important that organizations and their leadership take a proactive role in fostering a healthy climate in the organization.

This can be easier said than done, for it can be challenging to get some people to “snap out of it” and keep a more positive outlook on their work and their co-worker relationships. The challenge of accomplishing more with less, change and uncertainty and varying expectations can sometimes produce tension if not handled appropriately.

This session will elicit the ways that an organization can sustain a higher level of morale and this translates to better productivity and relationships within the work group. This will be accomplished through large and small group discussion and role plays that illustrate the techniques of managing morale.


There are no prerequisites for this class.


8 hours


Participants will learn:

  • What morale is and what generates it
  • To observe the “clues” that people provide about their unique morale needs
  • Achieve the commitment by others to change their behavior
  • Deliver supportive feedback that can change unhealthy behavior
  • Realize that unhealthy emotions are a signal that a basic employee need is unmet
  • How to link motivators to task achievement and a high level of performance
  • The keys to sustaining high morale over time
  • What diminishes morale and how to avoid it
  • The role of the leader in shaping a positive, high performance environment
  • How to deal with consistent or pervasive negativity