How to Be an Effective Editor

This course provides groundwork for success as an effective writing coach and editor by introducing and building the core skills including motivation, communication, coaching, and feedback.


In today’s challenging work environment, effective leadership is essential to meet organizational goals.  It is imperative that managers develop strong interpersonal skills in order to successfully communicate, motivate and manage the performance of their team.


1 day


As a result of attending this program you will be able to:

  • Identify the role of Editor as a leader, coach, mentor, teacher, and consultant.
  • Describe the characteristics of effective/consistent communication, and identify the barriers to such communication.
  • Utilize “active listening” as a means of building effective work relationships and promoting trust.
  • Give positive and corrective feedback to promote improved writing skills while building employee self-confidence, and fostering independent thinking and action.
  • Recognize your natural coaching (leadership) style and how to flex it to become more effective editors and develop employees into self-reliant achievers.