Developing ECQs and Behavioral Interviewing for Aspiring Executives

This interactive course provides information, techniques, and practice to understand the components of ECQ's and competencies and offers an overview of the Behavioral Interviewing course that managers will receive.


The Instructor shall conduct two (2) three-hour courses on Developing ECQ’s (Executive Core Qualfications) and Behavioral Interviewing.



6 hours


The Instructor will create and deliver information to achieve the following course objectives:

  • Learn the history of ECQs.
  • Understand the purpose and uses of ECQs.
  • Learn the five ECQs for SES.
  • Learn the competencies that underlie the ECQs.
  • Gain tips for writing ECQs and accomplishment statements.
  • Practice writing ECQs.
  • Understand the impact of hiring on the organization.
  • Learn five hiring success strategies.
  • Understand types of interviews and questions.
  • Learn the components of behavioral interview questions.
  • Learn the flow of the interview.
  • Discuss interview errors and opportunities.
  • Identify key learnings.