Storytelling: Presenting a Winning Story

This highly interactive workshop is designed to help people who present as part of their jobs. The focus is on helping them be even more effective by enhancing their presentations with storytelling.


When you are presenting to an audience, you’re not finished until you have told at least one engaging story. Stories are about gaining an audience’s attention, influencing them, and having them follow you and your ideas.



1 day


Participants will learn how to use stories to:

  • Engage an audience by being original and credible
  • Position themselves as experienced subject matter experts
  • Create a bridge to the audience
  • Gain a competitive edge, the first time and every time

Storytelling is an ancient art that has huge potential in today’s business world. Merely reciting facts and figures is no longer enough. This workshop will show presenters how to:

  • Choose, develop and practice the right story
  • Embrace conflict. Most stories are based on conflict (good vs. bad, succeeding vs. failing, etc.)
  • The impact of storytelling vs. statistics or policy statements

In addition to developing stories as part of their presentations, participants will also learn the skills to tell their stories effectively, including how to:

  • Connect with an audience by using emotional language
  • Enhance your story with vocal characteristics and body movement and gestures
  • Stop wanting to be seen as the smartest person in the room
  • Use a minimal number of PowerPoint slides, and still be successful

This workshop may be delivered in either a one day or a two day version. The one day version includes discussion, individual and small group exercises and activities. Participants develop and discuss an outline of their stories.