Lean-Agile Project Management

We will create your Creative Economy Project Management blueprint based on what you will learn in this seminar. A blueprint that may just change the way your organization manages its world of work going forward.


Lean changed the world of manufacturing, but had a far greater impact beyond that.

Agile brought Lean Thinking to software development.

Scrum changed the world of IT.

But Project Management is largely stuck with old plan and control management approaches using task-based estimating in a top-down decision making environment. Even the Waterfall lifecycle is largely associated with the Project Management community, despite the fact that the PMBOK® Guide never suggested sequential project lifecycles. Many project managers still manage projects with the same industrial age thinking from an era long bygone.

It is time that we manage today’s Creative Economy with something that actually works.

It is time that we leave behind the old industrial age thinking from an era long gone.

It is time to move forward.

Creative Economy Project Management goes beyond the extremes of Gantt Charts on one side and a Happy Team Kumbaya on the other to meet the goals of the business.

This project management approach is lean and agile, yet predictable. It works for the entire project value stream and not just the software development domain. And it scales to the program and portfolio level, in IT and beyond.


This program is designed for all project and program managers and is not limited to the IT domain. Technical as well as non-technical project managers will benefit equally from this program. This program is value-stream and project management centric. We cover your entire value stream, not just software.

Project managers, program managers, and anyone interested in agile project management in IT and beyond will find this program beneficial.


1 day


The Case for Creative Economy Project Management

Control and Balance: Teams, Projects, Value Streams, Methods

 Scalability: Lean, Agile, and Hybrid Programs and the PMI Standard for Program Management

SAFe, Scrum at scale, DSDM AgilePgM and the PMI Standard for Program Management

  • The Program Management Team
    Examples of Enterprise Scalability

The PMO as Lean-Agile Center of Excellence.

  • Managing Portfolios: 
  • The Lean-Agile Center of Excellence within the PMO: 
  • Lean-Agile KPIs: 
  • The pilot program:
  • The PMO as Lean-Agile Project Management enabler, mentor, and facilitator: 
  • Analytical Hierarchy Process:



This program is about project management, not software development. The goal is to bring Plan-Do-Check-Act project management lifecycles and frameworks to the entire project management community.

This program will not only address frameworks such as Scrum, DSDM, SAFe®, and AgilePgM®, but will also place these frameworks in context to PMI project and program management standards (canvas) so they can be used in IT and beyond. Challenging the status quo in every aspect, the program will not shy away from acknowledging some of the disastrous agile implementations in which the PMO was bypassed.