Business Writing for Results (Writing Complex Documents)

Does your business communication measure up to today's standards?


While new technology has simplified the process of writing business documents, designing effective graphics, and sending electronic mail, there is no substitute for the human effort involved. To be effective in today’s workplace, employees need to strengthen and update    their professional writing skills. Our course design provides the necessary tools, practice opportunities, and resources to enhance employee skills.

Course Design2 Days Total (1.5 Days Instruction + .5 Day Writing Lab and Instructor Coaching)

Design Benefits 

  •  Comprehensive agenda
  • Numerous practice exercises to reinforce skills
  • At least three relevant in-class writing assignments
  • Professional, confidential document review for all participants
  • Practical resources, checklists, worksheets, and review guides


There are no prerequisites for this class.


2 days


Learning Objectives:

  • Strengthen overall writing skills to reflect the Federal Plain Language standards in all professional documents.
  • Analyze your audience to determine appropriate language, level of detail, and format.
  • Improve ability to prepare complex documents for fellow experts as well for general audiences.
  • Define a document’s purpose, outline key points, and logically organize the content for positive outcomes.
  • Identify strategies for working with other authors on a team and breaking down complex documents into manageable segments.
  • Demonstrate correct grammar, punctuation, word choice in all written communication.
  • Follow a systematic process for to edit and proofread documents for clarity and readability.