Embracing Change to Breakout Performance

This workshop focuses on Lessons Learned in the Past and Creating the Future by examining various thinking methodologies that change perception and open up new possibilities.


This is a workshop for both managers and employees. This course adds a whole new dimension to participants’ thinking styles and abilities. It a hands on, skill-based program that furnishes participants with the skills they can immediately apply on-the-job. Current ways of thinking are challenged and participants will be encouraged to re-conceptualize existing products and processes through creative thinking.


Managers and employees will benefit from this class.


8 hours


Topics covered in this course include the following:
  • Introductions and Background
  • The Bar Code Success
  • The Forces of Change
  • The Parameters of “The Box”
  • Juxtapositions to Make New Connections
  • Deconstruct/Analysis/Construct-Challenging the Status Quo
  • Deliberate Distortions to Form New Perspectives
  • Value Drivers to Turn Ideas into Innovations
  • Taking the Work Out