Influencing and Persuading

In this course, you will learn the specific skills, behaviors and attitudes that enable you to achieve desired results without relying on the use of authority.


The ability to influence or persuade others is a critical skill for success in today’s business environment. Having a good idea isn’t enough. You will need to “sell” it to others before it is implemented.

What you will learn in this one day highly interactive workshop:

  • Identifying and then adapting to the four different communication styles
  • Building trust and credibility
  • Presenting benefits, not features
  • Making a positive first impression (and a strong permanent last impression)

Using the DiSC Personal Profile, you will learn the differences in how people communicate, and how you can increase your influencing skills by speaking the other person’s language.




There are no prerequisites for this class


8 hours


Benefits of this workshop include:

  • Practicing the communication skills necessary to increase your ability to influence and persuade
  • Demonstrating your confidence
  • Identifying and adapting to gestures and body language
  • Using language that persuades

You will learn influential openings to begin your conversation or presentation. In addition, you will become skilled at the use of silence, and learn how to identify if a person has a Results Orientation or an Avoidance Orientation, and how to influence each of them.