Executive Presence

Learn how to create a positive and accountable workplace culture, conduct effective meetings and establish your leadership style.


First Impressions: 85% of our success in business is a direct result of our personal and soft skills, while only 15% can be attributed to our education and experience. Our first impressions and mingle-ability are extremely important because they are formed in less than three seconds and it takes a lifetime to overcome a bad first impression.

The leader with executive presence has poise, self-confidence and authenticity, and commands the respect and attention of others. It is important to know how others perceive us because that impression filters everything else that others think about us. All too often we tend to judge ourselves by our intentions, yet we judge others by their behaviors. What commonly happens is that the gap between what we intend and what our behaviors reveal can often be misaligned resulting in our diminished effectiveness.

This session will include videotaping and feedback, although, it is not to be confused with a course on presentation skills.


There are no prerequisites for this class.


1 day


In this program, the participants learn:

  • How you are perceived by others
  • Ways to translate strategy into action through a compelling vision
  • Techniques to maintain composure while under pressure
  • Ways to inspire others’ confidence in you
  • How to avoid the language pitfalls that take away your power
  • How to say No and maintain good relationships
  • Speaking effectively when you don’t have time to think
  • Managing power plays