Networking and Relationship Building for Mutual Benefit

This simple yet effective model guides interactions enabling increase efficiency, effectiveness and focused relationship building for mutual benefit.


You have the opportunity to meet other individuals on a daily basis – or can create opportunities.  You also have the option of building a relationship with those new individuals in your network.  The Networking and Relationship Building model provides a process equipping you with the tools to maximize your productivity and create mutual benefit.


1 day


  1. Value and Benefits
    1. Yourself
    2. Team
    3. Organization
  2. Networking –
    1. Forming business connections
    2. What Networking is not
    3. Network contacts
  3. Relationship Building
    1. Eliciting Responses
    2. What Relationship Building is not
    3. Care and Feeding
    4. Goals
    5. Mutual Benefit
  4. MBR Model
    1. MEET
    2. BUILD
    3. RETAIN
  5. Action Planning for Success