Communication Skills for Admins

This class will boost both self-confidence and your career.


Today’s Administrative Professional is required to be successful in a crazy-busy environment. Your work pulls you in many different directions; often you are supporting more than one manager, in addition to working with teams from different areas.

This class will help you use effective communication skills to prevent problems, deal with difficult people and resolve challenges as they arise. You will learn to assert yourself without offending others, tips to communicate with your boss to keep your relationship great, strategies for dealing with difficult situations and people, guidelines for your verbal and written communication and most important, the “how-to’s” for gaining respect and credibility from those who count.


This class will benefit administrative professionals.


8 hours


In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate the three “E’s” throughout your work day: Efficiency, Enthusiasm and Energy
  • Become a respected leader among your peers
  • Develop a strong success attitude towards your work, and the people you support
  • Support multiple managers with their different styles and approaches
  • Build strong time management skills for yourself
  • Adapt quickly to other people’s wants and needs
  • Prioritize tasks, and protect yourself from low-priority time-eroders
  • Become a valued resource to the people you support
  • Collaborate easily and efficiently with other Admins on projects
  • Ask strong questions that move projects forward
  • Demonstrate your self-confidence and abilities (without being arrogant)
  • Overcome your workday stressors