Creative Problem Solving and Innovation

 Explore and expand your knowledge of the best problem-solving tools and techniques


Organizations face complex, open-ended and ever-changing challenges that need constant, ongoing innovation to keep ahead of their competition. That is why we need to be able to think differently, spark our creativity and generate fresh ideas that drive this innovation. To keep up, you must actively build and cultivate your creativity and innovative capacity.

Good ideas don’t just happen, and creativity is not just for those with the talent for it. The truth is, anyone can stir up great new, radical ideas – all you need is to keep your mind open and know how to think differently. This course shows you how.


1 day


This program will help you to:

  • Increase your ability to accurately understand the problem in a way that increases your chances of solving it effectively and creatively
  • Encourage an innovative and creative mindset and new ways of approaching problems
  • Recognize the power of collective problem solving
  • Improve group problem solving and decision making so all points of view are considered, emotions and concerns are safely and professionally shared, and creativity is greatly enhanced
  • Practice a method of solving problems and developing creative ideas in a group that expands innovative thinking
  • Practice a powerful method of disentangling the complexity of solving problems and generating solutions as an individual or in a group, so that more innovative ideas are surfaced faster, with more joy and efficiency
  • Use problem solving techniques to address your own current work-based challenges

Topics include:

  • The Subarctic Survival Game
  • The Six Stages of Problem Solving
  • The Six Innovation Mindsets
  • The Four Thought Pattern Breakers
  • Four Ways to Connect the Unconnected
  • Five Techniques to Get the Juices Flowing