Webinar: Stress Tolerance Boot Camp

We can learn to build our immunity to stress. Challenging times require bravery and vigilance to build our health and well-being.


An external stimulus that creates an internal “flight or fight or freeze” response causes stress.  We call this response “getting triggered” because it often occurs quickly and is partly biological. Everyone has a unique pattern of stress response. Over time, unmanaged stress can culminate in premature aging, illness, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, apathy, substance abuse and dysfunctional relationships.

Stress tolerance starts with synchronizing body and breath.  It is willingness to be ourselves, become vulnerable and not try to “have it all together.”  We can engage mindfulness and awareness (bow & arrow), combining gentleness and precision. Every moment is fresh. We can learn to treat stress as a familiar acquaintance–to recognize it and skillfully let it go.  This course helps us build new thought patterns.  It introduces beneficial practices in the way we live, eat, THINK, love and work. We can become aware of and release stress in our bodies, minds and hearts.


60 minutes


  •  Stressor Self Assessment – Assess good and bad stressors at work and home, stress score, stress behaviors and strategies for building stress tolerance.
  • Four Pillars of Health – Draw on research of Dean Ornish to make comprehensive lifestyle changes.
  • Improved Diet – Learn how to fuel our bodies and brains using modern and ancient healing diets.
  • Efficient Exercise – Practice cross training routines derived from yoga, plyometrics and strength training to for body brain connection.
  • Engage in radical self care and deep relaxation to facilitate mindfulness and renewal.
  • Love and Community – Expand capacity to connect with ourselves and others.