Parallel Thinking: Applied Constructive and Creative Thinking

Learn techniques to foster creative and strategic thinking.


Today’s tough business climate demands innovation and the ability to think outside-the-box. That requires breaking free of our traditional thinking patterns and learning to think creatively in a deliberate and systematic way, not just when the inspiration occurs.

This one day workshop is designed for you and your colleagues to learn some creative thinking techniques while working as a team in looking for more creativity in strategic thinking, innovation, process improvement or marketing.




There are no prerequisites for this class


8 hours


Participants will learn how to:
  • Create new and practical ideas by using a parallel thinking approach
  • Move from a one-dimensional thinking style to a multi-dimensional one
  • Spark creative thinking by using random stimuli and deliberately provocative statements
  • Challenge your organization’s current thinking
  • Shorten meeting times significantly
  • Lead more focused, productive discussions
  • Adopt a deliberate process for solving problems and finding opportunities
  • Reduce adversarial interactions
  • Channel the factors that impact thinking: emotion, logic, hope, creativity, skepticism