Establishing Vendor Relationships

Learn the dynamics of establishing and evolving vendor/supplier relationships.


This workshop is designed to teach key project management relationship and communication building skills, then allow the participants to immediately apply these skills using a meaningful case study. The workshop will be in two main parts: a needs assessment to better understand the specific issues faced by Account Managers and to assist in the design of accurate case study work. The other component is a workshop focused on establishing boundaries for each new work assignment, so that all participants know what is expected at the outset.

The skills covered in the workshop will be immediately applied to a “real-life” scenario based on feedback from the needs assessment. Students will see how the planning framework can be utilized to exert greater control over the dynamic relationship among vendors, suppliers and MMC.


This workshop is designed for particpants involved in project management.


8 hours


Needs assessment- a series of questions will be pose to the group to elicit discussion and input regarding the major dynamics of establishing and evolving vendor/supplier relationships. Through the discussion we will explore past experiences and identify major learning opportunities. We will also derive some material to design case studies.

Designing the scope of vendor/supplier assignments and establishing performance measures

  • Understanding the planning cycle
  • Determining the major deliverables and how they fit into the overall
  • Business strategy
  • Establishing operating objectives
  • Examining past precedents
  • Defining performance criteria and gaining mutual agreement
  • Establishing a Scope Management Plan
  • Anticipating changes in the relationship/expectations
  • Building a work breakdown structure
  • Ensuring clear understanding of project scope through the effective use
  • of interpersonal communication skills and questioning techniques
  • Influencing others to perform consistent with the contract