Webinar: Building Healthy Habits into Daily Routines

Unproductive thinking (descending into the rabbit hole of confusion, fear, worry and anxiety) leads to unhappiness. We can overcome this thinking and built healthy habits for our physical, mental and emotional health.


These feelings can become so overwhelming; they overtake us and may become contagious. One person flares up and it spreads like wildfire. Our feelings also trigger hormonal responses in the body and limbic brain which ultimately weaken our immune systems.  We can build habits for our physical, mental and emotional health, incorporating the work of James Clear’s Atomic Habits.

To build a good habit:  make it attractive; make it easy; and make it satisfying. To break a bad habit:  make it invisible; make it difficult; and make it unsatisfying.  We will review stories about how people handle stress.  When under stress, some people under function and become helpless, while others over function and take over.   Both patters can create toxic behaviors and conflict from trivial and momentous issues.   Everyone knows toxic people who drain our energy.  At times we may be difficult to deal with. If we could examine ourselves through a microscope and then slow our interactions with others, we could observe millions of subtle micro exchanges, both energizing and toxic. We constantly affect each others’



1 hours


moods, thoughts and energy levels. We will learn how to build healthy habits to release pent-up stress, renew energy and interact constructively.

Course Objectives

  • Stress Story. Delve into personal style for managing stress, zappers, unhealthy behaviors and stress tolerance.
  • Conflict and Toxic Behaviors. Develop a calm practice to manage conflict and toxic behavior when under stress.
  • Energizing at Work. Learn ways to reframe energy zappers and use energizing practices at work.
  • Approach to Improving. Develop habits to befriend discipline, admit mistakes and measure progress.
  • Healthy Habit Plan. Develop and apply a rigorous plan for work, home and self to consistently manage health.