Webinar: Leading Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Many tools and tips are offered to the leader and their staff to increase calm and centeredness in the face of chaos and uncertainty.


This 90-minute webinar is designed to support leaders of people, both as individuals and leaders of others, in being centered and effective during this chaotic and uncertain time. In this interactive, virtual session, leaders learn how to process their motions, experiences, and reactions generated by this global pandemic. We examine how to work effectively with others and assist them in processing their emotions and reactions.

Practice of tools, dialogue and a Q&A session promote adaptation of learnings. A robust handout is provided as an on-going reference post-session.


This class will benefit everyone.


90 minutes


• Understanding the Nature of Chaos
• Dealing with the Stress of a Global Crises
• Understanding Your Brain Under Stress
Turning reactive responses into resilient responses
• Tools for Working in Chaos
Caring for Self
Building Resilience in Chaotic Times
• Tools for Leading in Chaos
Building a Resilient Staff