Delegating for Results

This course is for leaders to learn about the importance and techniques of effective task delegation and how such delegation increases team efficiency and creates a framework for accountability and personal growth of team members.


Delegating for Results empowers leaders by teaching techniques that help ensure that their team members understand what is required to help facilitate a successful result: the work is done correctly, and the individuals gain the benefits of a new experience and increased confidence and responsibility. This course develops the skills and abilities in team members by clearly communicating expectations and encouraging participation and involvement. It establishes a team member’s responsibility and authority for a delegated task–creating a framework for accountability and personal growth.


This course is tailored for individuals in leadership positions.


1 day


Upon completion, participating individuals will be equipped to ensure development occurs and
becomes improved upon through on-the-job performance.


  • Understand the importance of effective delegation as well as the problems associated with the lack of delegating or delegating poorly
  • Communicate both the need for and the “why” of every delegated assignment and task
  • Use delegation as a powerful motivational tool
  • Use delegation to improve team members’ skills
  • Encourage team member participation and involvement through proper delegating methods
  • Establish a team member’s responsibility and authority for a delegated task
  • Regularly monitor progress through feedback and review