Dealing with Difficult People

Learn ways to effectively work with unreasonable and difficult people.


Given today’s increasingly diverse workforce, the odds are greater than ever that you are going to need to interact with some people that you would prefer not to. It may not be a dislike that you feel toward someone, it may just be discomfort. Yet, given the preponderance of team effort, you will have no way to avoid interacting with some of these people.

This workshop explores ways to increase your comfort level and identify productive ways to accomplish tasks with people you would rather not have to engage. You will be provided tools (including DISC or Meyers Brigss assessments ) to help you better understand what causes the distress you experience and approaches to manage it.


There are no prerequisites for this class.


8 hours


Participants will learn:

  • The Four Dimensions of Personality Type
  • How to Explore the Realm of Communication and Understanding
  • It All Starts with Good Intentions
  • The “Tough Ten” Personality Types
  • Essential Tools for Diffusing the “Tough Ten” Styles
  • Building an Atmosphere of Positive Communication