Organizational Savvy

This workshop provides the commonsense [and savvy] tools and techniques that enable us to tap into organizational politics in an effective and ethical manner.


Politics are a universal fact of corporate life. They are usually seen as counterproductive and distasteful, but in reality, politics are what happen naturally when people with different personalities, interests and goals work together. The process itself is neither good nor bad. It’s the morality of the outcome that is judged by the motivations of the parties involved. Whether you find them distasteful or disturbing, they are a highly complex set of skills and understanding them is necessary if you want to influence others at work and avoid being blindsided.

This program is designed to furnish participants with the sensitivity, skills and interpersonal acumen to navigate corporate politics so that they will be better prepared to handle them effectively and achieve the desired ethical outcomes.


There are no prerequistes for this class.


8 hours


  • Understand the political dynamics in your organization
  • Recognize politically motivated behaviors and respond to themconstructively
  • Know when complete emotional honesty lacks political intelligence
  • Recognize the political roles people play and plan your strategy indealing with them
  • Raise awareness of the relationship of triggers to the laws of
  • influence
  • De-mystify the process of politicking by recognizing destructivecommunication patterns.
  • De-construct patterns of communication to differentiate what is saidfrom the real message