Negotiation Skills, Advanced

Learn concepts that every negotiator should understand and know how to apply


This management class picks up where Negotiation Skills Intro. class leaves off. The focus is on guided practice. Each phase of the Negotiation Process is broken down into sections.

Participants role-play different scenarios applying one section of the process at a time. Participants are divided into small groups, each containing an observer who will offer constructive critique along with the facilitator. The last half of the day will be spent on intensive guided practice sessions moving the participants completely through the negotiation process.


• Provide skills and techniques to be effective in negotiation any situation anywhere
• Give you confidence and competence to get what you need while maintaining critical relationships
• Provide understanding of concepts and comfort with the skills of negotiations


This class is geared for supervisors, managers, or executives who spend a substantial amount of time negotiating with people in and out of your organization.


1 day


Students will learn:

Diagnosing the Situation

  • Selecting Your Style

Phases of the Negotiation Process

  • Planning
  • Setting the Climate
  • Issue Identification
  • Bargaining
  • Agreement
  • Review of terms

Additional Skills

  • Building Trust
  • Reading Between the Lines
  • Posturing
  • Anger Management
  • Overcoming Deadlocks
  • Reaching Agreement

Competition vs. Collaboration

  • How to be sure?

Guided Practice

  • Case study scenarios