Building Diverse Teams

This course is for leaders to learn different tools and techniques for building a powerful, diverse team that avoids and navigates conflict for top operational success


Participants will learn:

  • To understand the human dynamics of a team
  • To map out a blueprint and foster a climate that supports and encourages successful team operation
  • How to clarify team roles, goals, and relationships that improve efficiency and work process
  • How to evaluate and improve team effectiveness and performance
  • To recognize the cultural differences within the leader’s team
  • To understand culture and its distinct dimensions
  • To identify approaches to build a more powerful multicultural team
  • How to utilize tools that generate chemistry and cooperation across work groups and organizational boundaries
  • To appreciate different conflict styles
  • How to use tools to resolve conflict
  • To create and utilize a plan to effectively prevent and avoid conflict among team members
  • To practice the skills that a successful team leader / coach possesses


For Team Leaders, Supervisors, and Managers


2 days



  1. Answer questionnaire
    • Clarify team composition
    • Identify top challenges as a leader of a global multicultural team
    • Highlight areas that lead to conflict
  2. Optional: Conflict Style Survey



  1. Discuss Connections between Leadership/Diversity/Teamwork
    • Recognizing dimensions of a respectful workplace
    • EXERCISE: Identify pros and cons of a diverse workplace
  2. Diversity Barriers: Identify and Discuss Strategies to Overcome:
    • Unconscious Bias
    • Discomfort and Cultural Lens
    • EXERCISE: What shapes your paradigms?
    • Practicing the Platinum Rule
    • Diversity and inclusion strategies
  3. Creating High Performing Teams
    • Building Blocks of high performing teams
    • Stages of Team development
    • ACTIVITY: Moving Your team through the stages
    • Common barriers to high performing teams
    • ACTIVITY: How a leader role sets the stage for high performing teams
  4. Building Trust in a Diverse Workplace
    • Trust building strategies
    • How to re-build broken trust
  5. Communicating across language & cultural barriers
    • What’s your style?
    • ACTIVITY: DiSC Assessment
    • Working with people with varying styles
    • ACTIVITY: Richness in diversity
  6. Working successfully with Multi generations
    • Appreciating the diversity each generation brings
    • Assets and liabilities of each generation
    • ACTIVITY: The ACORN approach
  7. Delivering feedback to diverse teams
    • Feedback as a performance tool
    • The SBI approach
    • ACTIVITY: Feedback Preparation Worksheet
    • Feedback Session tips
    • Common feedback mistakes
    • Recognition across the team
  8. Delegation and Performance
    • Skilled delegation strategies
    • The Skill/Will Matrix
    • Steps to effective delegation
    • ACTIVITY: Performance Issues Addressed
  9. Q and A, Wrap up and Action Planning