Leading Innovation: Breakthrough thinking for competive advantage

This program offers a hands-on opportunity to learn multiple skill-based tools to identify hidden customer needs and increase market share. It goes beyond traditional problem-solving techniques to explore territories of thinking see beyond "what is" to "what could" be.


Continuous innovation is critical to achieving a sustained competitive edge. True value creation is the ability to see opportunities for growth where others do not, and providing unique customer experiences.  Whether it is entering new markets, launching new products and services, or re-thinking current processes, it takes an innovator’s mindset to make it happen.

Participants will learn:

• Multiple step-by-step techniques to think creatively and stop the voice of judgment

• A practical approach to capture diverse insights and unleash untapped creativity, not just the loudest voices in the room

• A proven, repeatable methodology to accelerate your innovation initiatives

• An innovator’s mindset of curiosity, ingenuity and a new way of thinking

• A method to influence others and gain buy-in to your ideas


2 days


• Combine a structured, creative, and analytical thinking process to strengthen ideas
• Improve collaboration across functions by using a common language
• Adopt an ‘anything is possible’ attitude and see opportunities where others see challenges
• Learn ways to embed innovation techniques into your company culture

Day 1

A highly experiential, fast-paced program where the format of instruction is ‘demo’ then ‘do’, and then directly applied to business issues. Three skill-based innovation tools are learned to capture diverse insights and challenge the status quo. A structured thinking process is also introduced that increases productivity and comprehensiveness of thinking, while decreasing time spent in discussions.  Participants will take turns facilitating team discussions to generate breakthrough thinking, followed by a unique method to analyze and strengthen ideas, rather than prematurely filter them.

Day 2

Three more innovation tools are introduced where products are re-conceptualized to expand growth opportunities and market share. Participants apply tools to existing products and services and experiment with totally new concepts. Nature based solutions are introduced that have successfully revolutionized industries. This is an ‘on-trend’ exciting new practice that borrows innovations from nature to create new eco-enhancing ideas. Analytical tools are applied and action plans drafted to gain buy-in from senior leadership, ensuring that top-line ideas are turned into practical innovations for significant marketplace advantage.