MS Project, Intro

In this class students will create and modify a project plan using MS Project.


Microsoft Office Project acts as a tool that assists you in managing your projects. Students will gather information about the various tasks involved, resources required to accomplish the tasks, and the overall cost in order to plan a project.

This course will cover basic information on topics including:

Reporting Project Information
Analyzing Project Information
Managing Master Projects and Resource Pools
Customizing the MS Project interface
Customizing your View of Project Information
Automating your work with Macros
Managing Project Files


The course is geared towards participant’s with several months of experience using Ms Project.


8 hours


The instructor will also include “insider” tips on how to most efficiently:

• Use Task Form > Window, Split [Gantt Chart View]
• Create and Use Templates
• Copy custom items to Global.mpt
• Create and use Custom Fields [120 user defined fields available]
• Using the proper sequence when changing Work, Duration, and Units information
• Use of the appropriate Toolbar for the work you are doing.
• Avoiding the use of Start and Finish fields.
• Use Work Contours to more accurately reflect how a resource performs work over the course of a task.
• Display your Project (Base) Calendar nonworking time in the Gantt Chart.
• Use Recurring Task for any item that repeats on a pattern in your project plan.
• Display fields in a Usage view
• Use Elapsed Duration.
• Modify the Duration or Dates of a Summary Task (you can’t).
• Use keyboard Shortcuts
• Use the proper steps in setting up the Resource Leveling Tool
• Create a custom toolbar for Views and Tables
• Protect your project plan files with a Password
• Work with Field Names
And many more!!