Preventing Job Burnout

Proactive strategies and tips to manage workplace demands and stressors.


Our workplaces have become very challenging places. Changes arise without advance notice; competitive pressures require extraordinary efforts to maintain customer satisfaction and organizations are expected to increase earnings every quarter. The sum total of these factors is that the average employee is doing the work of 1.3 employees just ten years ago. It is no wonder that even the most organized and efficient among us are feeling the potential of burnout.

This workshop is designed to help people identify the specific areas of their work that are causing them to feel overwhelmed and to provide techniques for managing burnout symptoms in a healthy manner.


There are no prerequisites for this class.


8 hours


  • How to identify workplace (and personal) stressors that contribute to burnout.
  • An understanding of burnout symptoms
  • How our personality style can be harnessed to bring changes to our burnout response
  • The Stages of Burnout and how to catch it before it is out of control
  • Coping Techniques that will reduce the negative effects of burnout
  • Proactive strategies to anticipate and avoid recurring problems