Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace

This workshop will explore ways to turn a negative outlook into a positive one.


Workplace negativity is like a virus of pessimistic behavior that spreads rapidly from one person to another. It can be “carried” to work or “caught” at work. As a matter of fact, it is highly contagious and can spread throughout a workplace if it moves unchecked. Negative reactions are certainly a normal part of life and can be expected from time to time. Negativity can serve to alert us to pending concerns or danger. It may cause us to think through a situation rather than jump in impulsively and take unnecessary risks.

It becomes problematic when it becomes routine or pervasive in an environment. Over time, it creates a downward spiral that draws almost everyone down with it. Instead of spurring action, it shapes an environment of apathy or resentment that dramatically erodes performance. And it only takes a single person to “poison” the workplace.

This workshop will explore ways to turn a negative outlook to a more positive one by increasing other’s awareness of the impact of their pessimistic outlook and its root cause. The reward for working through these issues is a healthier work environment and greatly enhanced productivity and collaboration.


There are no prerequisites for this class.


8 hours


What is Workplace Negativity?

  • Internal vs. External

The Costs of Negativity

The Causes of Negativity

  • Change and the Three “E’s”
  • Trust
  • Norms and Culture

Pervasive Negativity and the Damage Done

Overcoming Negativity

  • Quick Fixes
  • Collaboration
  • Staff Relations
  • The Power and Rewards of a Positive Attitude