Business Writing and Grammar Refresher

Inappropriate word use, run-on sentences, and faulty punctuation can be costly and embarrassing. When you understand the essentials of grammar, you present a more polished, professional image.


With a firm understanding of correct grammar and usage, writers create a more positive impression. This course reviews key elements of grammar:  Sentence Structure, Pronoun and Verb Use, Punctuation Pointers, Transition Words, and Commonly Confused Expressions.


Participants should have a fundamental understanding of the English language.


1 day


In this full-day workshop students will:

  •  Apply principles of language and correct writing mechanics to demonstrate competence and professionalism in all agency documents.
  • Identify and eliminate common grammar and usage errors.
  • Review fundamental parts of speech and sentence structure as essential to correct expression.
  • Strengthen communication through proper verb and pronoun use.
  • Apply capitalization, punctuation, and spelling pointers to express ideas accurately.
  • Master frequently misused terms, word pairs, and phrases.