Behavioral Interviewing for Managers

The goal of this course is to improve hiring practices through the use of behavior-based interviewing so that leaders hire right the first time.


Participants will be able to:

° Discuss the advantages and benefits of behavior-based interviewing
° Identify systems, processes, and “tools” supporting the selection of employees, including behavior-based interviewing
° Apply a process for developing well-written behavior-based interviewing questions and forms
° Conduct behavior-based interviews within legal parameters
° Hire right the first time
° Leaders will use a consistent method for creating interview questions and evaluating interview responses


8 hours



Participants will:

Associate the direct and indirect costs of ineffective interviewing

  • Legal costs
  • Morale
  • Costs of turnover

Identify systems, processes, and tools supporting the selection of employees

  • Distinguish behavior-based interviewing from traditional interviewing
  • List the benefits of behavior-based interviewing techniques
  • Receive a bank of behavior-based interview questions arranged by competency
  • Apply a process for developing a behavior-based interview questionnaire


  • Reviewing the job description

Answering analysis questions