Webinar: Hey Just Listen! The Secret of Success

This class enables you to acquire exemplary communication and listening skills. 


Communication is key in everything we do, and listening is the pivotal silent secret of success.

Through this interactive workshop, you will discuss current challenges and develop ways to overcome them. Learning and leveraging proven techniques will allow you to be recognized as an effective listener within your team and peer groups. After putting the techniques into actions, there are fewer breakdowns in both verbal and written communications.


There are no prerequistes for this class.


8 hours


Learning Objectives:

  • Explore and develop methods for breaking down common barriers
  • Analyze other’s listening preferences and determine how best to convey your message
  • Consider the impact of body language on the verbal message
  • Evaluate the emotion and intent of other’s message
  • Identify effective behaviors for improving performance by leveraging the three dimensions of listening
  • Contains a self-diagnosis with opportunity for each participant to build an individual action plan