Webinar: How are Things Going? Project Communications & Reporting

The Project Management Institute (PMI) asserts that 90% of a project manager’s time is spent communicating. When one considers the pervasiveness of electronic communications (email, messaging, social media), the seemingly inordinate number of meetings (face-to-face or virtual), and the vast amounts of documentation required to lead projects, that statistic seems legitimate.






Project Communications & Reporting will focus on best practices in communications and the incorporation of techniques such as Earned Value Management (EVM). This webinar will identify the barriers to successful communications while gaining a better understanding of how to evaluate the communication issues within your team.  Additionally, we will explore the essentials and advanced tools of the Earned Value technique.


Session Number: PLS-WNL092018
Duration: 1.5 Hours, Time 12:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET
Professional Development Units (PDUs)/Project Management Education Contact Hours: 1.5


90 minutes


Through communication skills we view the phases, knowledge areas, and skill sets noted in major project management methodologies. Communications skills are essential to effective project management. These skills are requisite in one’s ability to adequately track, assess, and report on the project’s overall disposition (status) and the projected outcomes (forecasts).