Stress Management

Participants will develop skills, insight and confidence in developing effective work plans for planning, organizing and "working smarter, not harder."


Change and stress are facts of life in the today’s fast-paced world. How is it that some people are able to remain steady and productive under high levels of stress, feeling motivated and energized, while others feel boxed in, irritable and de-motivated, suffering symptoms of stress and burnout?

This class provides a unique, interactive learning experience that assists participants to examine positive and negative aspects of stress; impact of stress on mental, physical emotional health; and techniques for reducing or eliminating the negative effects of stress on personal and work performance.


There are no prerequisites for this class.


8 hours


  • Identify the symptoms and sources of stress on and off the job
  • Chart their personal “Cycle of Important Life Events”
  • Identify the unique characteristics of “stress prone personalities”
  • Identify and apply a variety of field-tested techniques for rechanneling negative stress into creative, productive energy
  • Utilize the power of imagery and “dream building” for replacing fear and anxiety related to sudden change and loss, with hope and optimism for building a new future
  • Construct specific, short-term “Action Plans” for achieving new short-term personal, career and life goals