Negotiation Skills, Intro

Learn skills and techniques to be an effective negotiator in any situation.


Whether you are closing a deal or getting someone to agree to do something, you are negotiating. Even a small improvement in your negotiation skills can yield a sizable payoff. This class is packed with practical tips and examples that will give you solid negotiation skills.


  • Provide skills and techniques to be effective in negotiation any situation anywhere
  • Give you confidence and competence to get what you need while maintaining critical relationships
  • Provide understanding of concepts and comfort with the skills of negotiations


This course is intended for supervisors, managers, executives and any professional who wish to enhance their negotiation skills.


8 hours




  • How to apply creativity and information sharing to create greater value for all involved.
  • The four concepts that every negotiator should understand and know how to apply
  • How to prepare yourself to win
  • Negotiation Table Tactics: How to get them to negotiate, getting off to a good start, how to play the game.
  • How to move through the barriers of a negotiation
  • How to avoid tripping yourself up
  • How to negotiate with people you must face every day
  • When you are an agent for others, what to keep in mind