Java: Introduction

The course is about 60% lecture and 40% hands on exercises and labs


This course presents an overview of the Java programming language including applet programming as well as application development.  In order to build a solid foundation for Java Development, an introduction to object-oriented programming is also presented.  All major features of Java API are covered.  The course is about 60% lecture and 40% hands on exercises and labs


The audience for this course includes development managers as well as programmers.


40 hours


About the Course –


  • Overview
  • Course Prerequisites
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Schedule

Introduction to the Java Language –

A general overview to the Java Language and its main functions.

  • The Java Language and the Web
  • What is the Java Language?
  • Java IDE’s


The Minimum Java Application  –

The first look at Java Code.

  • A Basic Java Application
  • Java Extensions and Environment Variables
  • Compiling and running the HelloWorldApp
  • Troubleshooting

Basic Java Constructs –

A general overview of the constructs available and the general syntax required for each construct.

  • Java Programming Overview
  • Arrays
  • Java Flow Control

Object Concepts in the Java Language –

Explains basic Object Oriented concepts along with real-world examples.

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Defining a Class in the Java Language
  • Java Objects
  • Inheritance
  • Method Overloading
  • this AND super Keywords
  • Abstract Classes
  • Java Access Control
  • Static Methods and Variables
  • Native Methods
  • Packages
  • Basic Outline of a Java Program

Exceptions in the Java Language –

Explanation of predefined and user-defined exceptions.

  • Objectives
  • Exception in Java
  • Common Exceptions
  • Exception Handling
  • finally Statement
  • Creating Your Own Exceptions

Introduction to Java Applets –

Builds and runs a basic applet using the Java language.

  • A Basic Java Applet
  • Basic Applet Components
  • Applet Methods
  • Compiling an Applet
  • Calling an Applet
  • Testing an Applet
  • General Debugging

Customizing Java Applets –

Expands on the minimum applet and introduces some basic Java features such as graphics, sound and mouse input.

  • Calling an Applet
  • The applet Tag
  • Modified HelloWorld Example
  • Accessing Parameter Values
  • The Graphics Object
  • Audio Clips
  • Looping an Audio Clip
  • Mouse Input


Java Tools –

Basic tools provided with the JDK are introduced and discussed.

  • Identify tools


More Java Classes –

Explores useful classes beyond the basic classes.

  • The lang Package
  • The Math Class
  • The Character Class
  • The Numeric Wrapper Classes
  • The Boolean Class
  • The String and StringBuffer Classes
  • The Vector Class


Graphics Manipulation –

Explains basic graphics methods, such as drawing circles, images and text.

  • Graphics Buffering
  • Graphics Contexts
  • Media Tracker
  • PixelGrabber
  • MemoryImageSource


Java Graphical User Interfaces –

Looks at the Java Classes for creating a graphical presence to your application or applet.

  • The awt Package
  • Containers and Components
  • Frames
  • Panels
  • Panels and Applets
  • Container Layouts
  • Events
  • Event Handling
  • Buttons
  • Text Fields


Java Applications –

An in-depth look at Java application development including graphical classes such as menus and frames.


Threads and Multithreading –

Explanation of threading as it relates to Java.

  • What is a Thread?
  • Thread Attributes
  • Important Things to Know
  • Single-Threaded Programs
  • Multithreaded Programs
  • Starting a Thread
  • Manipulating Threads
  • Pausing a Thread
  • Stopping a Thread
  • Testing a Thread
  • Interfaces
  • Synchronized Methods


Java File I/O –

The basic process of accessing files using Java classes.


Networking with Java –

Introduction of the Java network package of classes and a demonstration of a TCP/IP client-server model.


Database Management with Java –

Introduction to the essential steps used to access database information with Java.


Appendix Includes:

  • Java Language Summary
  • Class Hierarchy Diagrams
  • Java Class Library
  • Java Resources

JDK New Features