The Virtual Manager in the Current Global Environment

This one-day workshop will cover the challenges, potential pitfalls, best practice recommendations, and lessons learned in leading virtual teams.


With the ever-increasing outsourcing, off-shoring, specialization efforts along with recent pandemic mitigation initiatives, virtual teams are becoming the “new normal” of project and workplace teams. Virtual teams can be advantageous to any organization when coupled with proper communication and adequate control. The virtual team environment, however, can carry inherent disadvantages that must be successfully managed throughout any initiative.

Participants will be introduced to the purported advantages and common constraints of the virtual team environment. This will be followed by discussion and application of better (and useful) practices to capitalize on the advantages while limiting the impact of communication, negotiation, and control constraints in the virtual team setting.


This workshop will benefit resource managers, functional managers, project / program managers that serve in any team engagement capacity.


8 hours


This course is designed to enhance the people management (“softer”) skills of team leaders and managers.  The combination of lecture and hands on exercises will enable these key leaders to:

  • Understand the current characteristics, statistics, and characteristics of the global virtual team environment
  • Lead through better application of communication management tools and techniques
  • Better engage key stakeholders involved with any initiative
  • Improve how they deal with team member conflict
  • Better understand negotiation strategies and when to employ them during a project
  • Gain insight into change leadership tactics and approaches
  • To formulate an effective go-forward strategy and action plan for incorporating key lessons learned