Webinar: Taming the Stress Monster

Learn tools and techniques to cope with current stressors and create a plan for future challenges. 


Stress impacts employees both physically and emotionally, and it impacts productivity and relationships. Taming the Stress Monster participants learn stress management tools and coping mechanisms they can use at work and in their personal lives.

They will learn a working definition of stress, varied types of stressors, and specific strategies to counteract the stress pressure with practical resources.


1 day


Course Objectives:

  • Understand a working definition of stress and stressors
  • Recognize your external and internal sources of stress
  • Use coping tips for managing stress both on and off the job
  • Learn to manage stress mentally, physically, behaviorally, and through social connections
  • Develop a long term action plan to minimize and better manage stress

Course Content:

  1. Stress in the Workplace:  Definition
  2. What are “stressors:  Definition and examples
  3. Sources of Stress: External and Internal
  4. The Body and Stress
  5. Symptoms of Stress Build-Up
  6. Unhealthy Stress Management Strategies
  7. Positive Stress Management Strategies
  8. Stress Hardiness
  9. ABC’s of Stress
  10. Next Steps