Strategic Thinking

This course provides the tools and techniques to devise strategic opportunities within an organization.


Managers are constantly presented with the challenge of building their organization toward higher levels of quality and performance. Each business unit or department within their area of responsibility must make a visible and fiscally sound contribution to increasing organizational excellence. Participants attending this dynamic seminar learn critical skills proven effective for defining strategic vision and turning that strategic vision into operating reality.


There are no prerequisites for this class.


16 hours


Participants will:

  • Examine the role strategic thinking plays in creating an organization that is driven by vision
  • Consider how organizational principles drive the strategic thinking process
  • Explore conceptual and practical aspects of strategic thinking and planning
  • Identify principles and develop action plans for guiding the organization toward the desired goals
  • Develop the skills necessary to think strategically on a daily basis and guide others to do the same
  • Examine a fresh way to look at the manager’s role in the organization as it pertains to organizational strategy
  • Extensive role playing and custom examples of methodology